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24, Skorpionas, Colombia
Duoti arbatpinigių
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Lytis Moteris
Domina Moterys, Vyrai
Amžius 24
Ūgis 160 cm - 170 cm [5'4" - 5'6"]
Svoris 100 - 120 lbs [45 - 55 kg]
Plaukai Tamsūs
Akys Rudos
Kilmė Lotynų Amerikos
Kalbos Rusų, Anglų
Intymi šukuosena Nuskusta
Krūtinės dydis Maža
Užpakalis Vidutinis
Mane sujaudina
I love determined men who know what they want and don't mind giving their all to get it. I like to know their desires, and I get excited when they take me alone with them to make them come true.
Apie mane
I am a young Latina with a mischievous and provocative personality; for my imagination turns out to be dirty and more daring than anyone expects; being witty enough to know that promises of love are not forever; So stop beating around the bush and make me take off my clothes: I can guarantee that you will drool over my body and you will be mesmerized by the movement of my buttocks on your face. However, the only way you have to verify it is by staying and making me vibrate with pleasure. Don't be shy!
Mane atstumia
I don't like being asked for things without contributing anything to my transmission.
I am here for everyone, I don't like to be jealous. Remember that I am only yours in private
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Give me a gift!
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